Sunday, April 1, 2012

The "after commentary"

It's been a long time since my last update.

After I've received commentaries linked to "2nd writing, 1st objectif reached", a bit like every time "after commentaries", I think a lot about what should I keep and what I should let go...

Among Élisabeth Vonarburg commentaries, (our "mentor" of the writing workshop), she points to the way the narrator tells the story. I thought it would be helpful to re-read of her book "Comment écrire des histoires" (translation: "How to write stories", a book that I suggest to everyone who aspires to professional literature; it's only available in French though).

It was a very good idea to re-read (I'm not finished yet). It's been years since I've read it the first time and it's very uplifting to have the memory refreshed at an important moment of my project.

Of course, my pregnancy getting close to the end (2 months to go before the due date), I'm getting tired faster and faster and every task of the every day's life needs more of my time, so... it's getting hard to find time left to work on my project, but my brain continues working on it.

I have to admit that in the course of the last few weeks, the events in this province (Québec) helds me in suspense. I'm talking about the university students in lockout against the raise of inscription fees to university. The movement, that I must watch passively from my computer (pain and tiredness of my pregnancy in the way; I can hardly walk more then 15 minutes without being in pain in the pelvis and bottom of my back and I almost need a day and a half to rest from a task like going for the week grocery or do the vacuum), brought me to get re-interested to the politic in general.

The politic situation, in Québec as well as in Canada, is not swell. It almost feels like witnessing the death of democracy on all fronts. I have read numbers of articles about federal and provincial politic, I'm watching movements of revolt everywhere around the world, watching documentaries on economy, why all countries are in debt... Many are in French, so I can't give example here, though there's this documentary (the beginning is interesting for the history of money and the base of economy):

The Money Fix - A Documentary for Monetary Reform:

Ou ce reportage (en anglais) qui avance une solution sur comment devrait se tourner la société du future :

Paradise or Oblivion:

Myweb surfing as much as the recent events are inspiring me a lot for a certain change on the "background" of my project.

My ideas are working a lot. I have many ideas for a couple of projects (and so little free time to start them). It's still well, because it's been some time since I haven't handle that many ideas, that many projects. It makes me feel more alive =D. I keep them in mind and I'll work on them as I have time. After all, kids are growing! And I prefer to be present in their life while they are young and ask for it.  ^_^

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