Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2nd writing, 1st objectif reached.

I got a cold-bronchitis and stopped working on my project for about twelve days, then I took my work again. I was getting to a part of the story that I had for about 1 year in my mind. There were elements missing to be able to write before.

There's something really satisfying to get cross this kind of "hilltop" within a project. Furthermore, it was marking to cross over the 100th page of the manuscript. Those two points (the first 100 pages and this part of story, which is a major pivot in the story) was my first objective, the one I was waiting for before sending the beginning of my second writing to get some comments.

On 5 persons that I've sent it to, one gave me back a list of comments (within the hours after following the email!!!) and 2 others confirmed me that they would look into it soon. The fourth probably will not have enough time and the fifth, no news yet (but that's someone is really busy).

I have to say that the commentaries that I received, comes from the most "severe" of them all, which is my dear Élisabeth Vonarburg and mentor through the writing workshop. And I also have to say that I've NEVER received that many positive comments from her! Of course, they were NOT all positive. But lets say that the whole underline a major improvement since the workshops I went to in 2006 and 2007. So, it seems that I did learned the subject of matter! ^_^
It's progressing well!
And it keeps going!!  =D


  1. You're on a roll!

    (...and you used an asian smiley :O.. Have I been contaminating you?)

    How many pages do you expect for the whole book?

    1. Which smiley?? Ô_o'
      Hard to say for how many pages. I try to remain to an average of 10 pages a chapter and I'm planing about 25-30... So, I can say 250-300 pages? But that's only an approximation... =)

    2. Oh so you're about 1/3 done!
      If you keep on at the same rate, that's gonna be all done very soon :D

    3. I wish I could be done before I give birth (send it to publisher by the time I give birth) though I won't push myself too much either. It's a "in an ideal world, I'd like to..."

      When I think about what's left to write, I can't imagine that's 1/3 done (feels more like 1/4 or 1/5)... That, I'll see with the rest being written.

      And only with one commentary, that leveled up some questioning, that brought me with going over another short research, the ideas are getting better and better! =D Though since I sent it to get comments, I'm more "thinking" then "writing". ;o)

  2. That all sounds good... the story has reached an important milestone, for sure.

    1. Yes it surely did.
      And it feels "released" when you do! =D