Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2nd writing, 1st objectif reached.

I got a cold-bronchitis and stopped working on my project for about twelve days, then I took my work again. I was getting to a part of the story that I had for about 1 year in my mind. There were elements missing to be able to write before.

There's something really satisfying to get cross this kind of "hilltop" within a project. Furthermore, it was marking to cross over the 100th page of the manuscript. Those two points (the first 100 pages and this part of story, which is a major pivot in the story) was my first objective, the one I was waiting for before sending the beginning of my second writing to get some comments.

On 5 persons that I've sent it to, one gave me back a list of comments (within the hours after following the email!!!) and 2 others confirmed me that they would look into it soon. The fourth probably will not have enough time and the fifth, no news yet (but that's someone is really busy).

I have to say that the commentaries that I received, comes from the most "severe" of them all, which is my dear Élisabeth Vonarburg and mentor through the writing workshop. And I also have to say that I've NEVER received that many positive comments from her! Of course, they were NOT all positive. But lets say that the whole underline a major improvement since the workshops I went to in 2006 and 2007. So, it seems that I did learned the subject of matter! ^_^
It's progressing well!
And it keeps going!!  =D