Friday, January 27, 2012

Winter = Cold

Well, it's winter now. Clearly. 

This year in the region of Montreal, QC, Canada, it's relatively a mild winter, then it rains, and then temperature drops to -20°C, so all become a super skating-ring jawbreaker.

And who is talking about frequent change of temperature, talks also about the colds that come with it. We don't often have colds in my family, and when we have it, it's rare that it last long. It seems that we have a good and strong immune system.

But here, we're in the middle of it. My common-law husband was fighting a cold (which wasn't winning, but it was trying), and when I came back with the same symptoms, his cold won... Now it's my turn to fight, to be "on the edge", I have it but not really...

I have to precise that since I started a herbalist class, obviously, the "everyday silliness" like colds are treated with herbal medicine... But also, as soon as we feel that a virus tries to reach inside, we also use herbal medicine to prevent to be sick.

Taking my plants in prevention, I don't really feel sick (and when I do, it's time to take more plants), beside maybe some more pronounced tiredness (little reminder: I'm pregnant, so tiredness is never very far!). It was the same for my daughter, but this morning, she waked up with a fever, so the cold won over her too.

So, it's a slower week, a week of tiredness and "take good care of yourselves"... The projects obviously don't go forward as fast in this situation... But that's part of life! ^_^

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