Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Finally!!! Euréka!!!
My writing project staging (more or less) since month of May (since the after Boréal convention). 

I had to admit that many things were not fitting in the story.
I had to question and think a lot about it. Let it take some dust. Find new ideas. Which didn't fit well with the older version. Re-questioning. Think more. In short, for every answers found, I had to redo some cleaning on "what should stay among the ideas of the older versions", "what should stay" and "what should change". With some well dosed pauses to avoid losing my head in between...

But it's done!
I finally have a plan that works, a story that holds together -- well, a lot better than what I was writing back in May -- something that I feel like telling and which satisfies me.

Ok, now, I only have to... well actually "write it for real", as it's only a "plan", a nine pages of a detailed summary (written small and tight, but still in a "plan mode") =P


  1. Small and tight? Is it a story about Hobbits ? :p

    Well that is a good way to start the new year!
    Keep this motivation and activity alive and sooner that you expect you will be at the "what font should the book cover use" state (^_^)

  2. Limited-height, drunken hobbits? That sounds like a great idea, er... Well anyway, knowing how your story should run is certainly a great step forward, and now, as you say, all you have to do is the actual writing.

  3. Funny that I haven't realized it came by the beginning of the year! It mostly happened this way because since my spouse took 3 weeks vacations for the holidays and spent so much time with our daughter, it kinda gave me more time to work... and I did work a lot on few projects in these past 2½ weeks, so... I'll see how it'll go for now on (meaning, when he'll get back to work)... =P

  4. Three weeks vacation? Nice! Generally in Britain people manage to stretch the Christmas/New Year holiday to two full weeks by adding in a few days of their annual leave, but that's very impressive. Nice for Asgo to be able to spend so much "quality time" with your daughter.

  5. Yeah, since he's going to have "many daddy weeks off" when I'll give birth to the second kid, he decided to take all what he had left as vacation for now. And because he's a senior where he works, he has few weeks per years (he started with 3 weeks per year; now, he has a little more... 4 or 5, can't remember...) =D