Saturday, January 28, 2012

Count down (Correction about my progress)

I have to make a correction about my previous post Winter = Cold

It seems that I keep having a feeling of not going forward fast enough, or I'm justifying myself for not progressing at the rate I wish I was...

But after my post Winter = Cold, I had a little more time to write... to complete a chapter and to count down my progress... So here it is:
  • First part of the manuscript is completed. I'm probably at ¼ of the second one. I should have five or six parts in total.
  • Seven chapters are written and completed (I have counted that I should have about 30-35). I try to keep an average of about 10 pages or less per chapter, so this number can very a lot during the progress. As an example, chapter 6 that I just finished was too long (21 pages), so I decided to cut it in two halves (12 and 9 pages).
  • So I have a total of 70 pages written, in 12 days (on a period of a little more than three weeks).
  • According to my tracking of time, I usually write about 1 or 2¼ pages an hour, depending on how good (or bad) I can concentrate and focus on written (a lot depends on my daughter) ;o)
So, a false impression of not progressing fast enough, it seems, counting that I'm part time on this project and that the other half goes to my beloved daughter. =)

I should also mention that this morning, my daughter doesn't show any sign of having a cold. It was about 8 hours sickness for her!  ;o)

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