Friday, January 20, 2012

Advancement (1)

At the step of writing, finally! =D
Of course, it's part time, as I'm at home with my three years old daughter. And pregnant of the next one!

But it goes forward at a reasonably good rate. I've calculated that I do an average of 6 pages a day (with sometimes a little revision on what's already written). I take it stress-less. If one day, I'm tired, I don't write and I take it easy. Sometimes, it's only half a day writing, other time it's only a part of the afternoon.

Or sometimes I'm writing and my daughter comes and asks me for painting (she is in a very important phase about discovering the colors), I finish my sentence or paragraph, then I prepare her painting stuff (with a dismounted box, I cover the floor, I cover her table with a plastic blanket, I make her wear a waterproof apron with long sleeves...), I make her choose 4 colors and then I go sit on a chair to read (a book which help me do a research for my writing projects. So in the other hand, I'm still working on my projects, but differently and without neglect my daughter).

She is in a phase where she starts to get a little more independence, she asks for me less than before. So, when she comes to request some attention, I give some to her, I take a break from my work and take the time for her.

Today, I have surpassed myself : 9½ pages written (in an interrupted day of work. I have counted 4:15 hours of assiduous work, among others while she was taking her afternoon nap)!

35 pages completed so far. Only a few more and the first part is completed. And I'm happy at the same time for the advancement of the project and for what is completed. =)

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  1. It sounds as if your daughter is of the Jackson Pollock school of art... O_O