Saturday, January 28, 2012

Count down (Correction about my progress)

I have to make a correction about my previous post Winter = Cold

It seems that I keep having a feeling of not going forward fast enough, or I'm justifying myself for not progressing at the rate I wish I was...

But after my post Winter = Cold, I had a little more time to write... to complete a chapter and to count down my progress... So here it is:
  • First part of the manuscript is completed. I'm probably at ¼ of the second one. I should have five or six parts in total.
  • Seven chapters are written and completed (I have counted that I should have about 30-35). I try to keep an average of about 10 pages or less per chapter, so this number can very a lot during the progress. As an example, chapter 6 that I just finished was too long (21 pages), so I decided to cut it in two halves (12 and 9 pages).
  • So I have a total of 70 pages written, in 12 days (on a period of a little more than three weeks).
  • According to my tracking of time, I usually write about 1 or 2¼ pages an hour, depending on how good (or bad) I can concentrate and focus on written (a lot depends on my daughter) ;o)
So, a false impression of not progressing fast enough, it seems, counting that I'm part time on this project and that the other half goes to my beloved daughter. =)

I should also mention that this morning, my daughter doesn't show any sign of having a cold. It was about 8 hours sickness for her!  ;o)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Winter = Cold

Well, it's winter now. Clearly. 

This year in the region of Montreal, QC, Canada, it's relatively a mild winter, then it rains, and then temperature drops to -20°C, so all become a super skating-ring jawbreaker.

And who is talking about frequent change of temperature, talks also about the colds that come with it. We don't often have colds in my family, and when we have it, it's rare that it last long. It seems that we have a good and strong immune system.

But here, we're in the middle of it. My common-law husband was fighting a cold (which wasn't winning, but it was trying), and when I came back with the same symptoms, his cold won... Now it's my turn to fight, to be "on the edge", I have it but not really...

I have to precise that since I started a herbalist class, obviously, the "everyday silliness" like colds are treated with herbal medicine... But also, as soon as we feel that a virus tries to reach inside, we also use herbal medicine to prevent to be sick.

Taking my plants in prevention, I don't really feel sick (and when I do, it's time to take more plants), beside maybe some more pronounced tiredness (little reminder: I'm pregnant, so tiredness is never very far!). It was the same for my daughter, but this morning, she waked up with a fever, so the cold won over her too.

So, it's a slower week, a week of tiredness and "take good care of yourselves"... The projects obviously don't go forward as fast in this situation... But that's part of life! ^_^

Friday, January 20, 2012

Advancement (1)

At the step of writing, finally! =D
Of course, it's part time, as I'm at home with my three years old daughter. And pregnant of the next one!

But it goes forward at a reasonably good rate. I've calculated that I do an average of 6 pages a day (with sometimes a little revision on what's already written). I take it stress-less. If one day, I'm tired, I don't write and I take it easy. Sometimes, it's only half a day writing, other time it's only a part of the afternoon.

Or sometimes I'm writing and my daughter comes and asks me for painting (she is in a very important phase about discovering the colors), I finish my sentence or paragraph, then I prepare her painting stuff (with a dismounted box, I cover the floor, I cover her table with a plastic blanket, I make her wear a waterproof apron with long sleeves...), I make her choose 4 colors and then I go sit on a chair to read (a book which help me do a research for my writing projects. So in the other hand, I'm still working on my projects, but differently and without neglect my daughter).

She is in a phase where she starts to get a little more independence, she asks for me less than before. So, when she comes to request some attention, I give some to her, I take a break from my work and take the time for her.

Today, I have surpassed myself : 9½ pages written (in an interrupted day of work. I have counted 4:15 hours of assiduous work, among others while she was taking her afternoon nap)!

35 pages completed so far. Only a few more and the first part is completed. And I'm happy at the same time for the advancement of the project and for what is completed. =)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Finally!!! Euréka!!!
My writing project staging (more or less) since month of May (since the after Boréal convention). 

I had to admit that many things were not fitting in the story.
I had to question and think a lot about it. Let it take some dust. Find new ideas. Which didn't fit well with the older version. Re-questioning. Think more. In short, for every answers found, I had to redo some cleaning on "what should stay among the ideas of the older versions", "what should stay" and "what should change". With some well dosed pauses to avoid losing my head in between...

But it's done!
I finally have a plan that works, a story that holds together -- well, a lot better than what I was writing back in May -- something that I feel like telling and which satisfies me.

Ok, now, I only have to... well actually "write it for real", as it's only a "plan", a nine pages of a detailed summary (written small and tight, but still in a "plan mode") =P