Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Evil Overlord" clichés...

There's a small video game I enjoy play with lately, a "by turn" strategy game, simple but interesting and not really expensive on Playstation 3, it's "Might & Magic -- Clash of Heroes".

I surprised myself in this game to fall into the cliché "to avoid as a writer"... ^_^
I'm referring, among other things, to a super list that we've passed around on the list for the writing workshop a few years ago: "The Top 100 Things I'd Do If I Ever Became An Evil Overlord". 

That to say... that it happens when I play, to be on the edge of winning a match, and I could "finish it real fast" with a spell I've got in back-up, but I take a wicked enjoyment to wait and pursuit the attack, with the other units "waiting their turn to come in action". And it happens, when I do this, that the classical-cliché of the "bad guy having to much pleasure to see it opponent suffer", that my opponent comes suddenly aggressive and take dangerously over, and even sometimes even win despite of my lead!!

Does it mean I would be doomed to be a cliché character destined to fail as an "Evil Overlord" in an American movie!?! D=


  1. Clash of Heroes is also available on XBOX360, DS and PC(Windows). But I have not played it.

    Have you tried Heroes of Might & Magic V? I had fun with this one and its two expansions.

    There is also King Bounty:Armored Princess or King Bounty:Crossworlds in the same type of game :)

    I'm more a "Nuclear Launch Detected" Evil Overload myself xD

  2. You have already said too much. I shall foil your evil plans.

  3. I've never really been interested in turn-based strategy games, I'd rather just have one character running about exploring the strange new worlds...

  4. Wow, thank you guys for all the comments!! O_o' =D

    @ Elys: I did try Heroes of Might & Magic V, for I got them for like 5$ each box when the computer store closed and I was working on the head office (in super mega employees sales). I did start to play, when my daughter was just a baby and then I had to stop (lack of time and game was rather too addictive for someone with a baby to watch over) ;o)

    I changed computer since, and since my free time is short, I'm trying to use it for writing... ;) Clash of heroes, once completed and playing only on "quick match" has the advantage to be "quick match", so it's rather easy to play a little when I wish to relax, my daughter learns words like "dragon" =P and I can also easily stop playing when needed. ;o)

    @ Custer: I usually don't like turn-based games, but some are well done, like this one. ^_^ Game with character exploring worlds are usually my favorite, but I just don't have enough free time for these as of late... =S