Friday, November 25, 2011

Twinning work

In any case, to work in twinning, exchanging projects in progress, it helps to get opinions, comments, it helps not to work for 2 years in the dark and being told at once that the story doesn't work (to work in twinning, you know it now and you can fix it before the exercise becomes discouraging and frustrating). ;o)

Well, working on the text of others, it makes me desperately want to write! ^_^

I will finish the commented review that I've started, but then I think I'll get back to writing as soon as possible, because I am so tired that my project is not moving and blocs at every turn!

Friday, November 18, 2011


It's been a moment that I remained silent on this blog.

After... what? a week? I managed to put my ideas in order and unfasten myself from my last impasse. A big thank you to everyone who wrote to me (emails and forum) following this post; a special thanks to Jean-Claude Dunyach and Elisabeth Vonarburg. =)

But here, I got things moving to realize at the first corner that my new direction asked me a deeper reflection to be able to continue.

Fortunately, I have crossed a month where I was quite unable to write due to my pregnancy. Now that I've almost finished my first
trimester (in 4 days to be precise), I will surely have less nausea and migraines; they have already begun to diminish.

So while I was rather "
impotent" (damn migraines!), I could at least begin the process of reflection. It's not over yet.

Ah, this phase where nothing is really written and everything seems to stagnate, when in fact, all the work is going on in the head, in the texts and articles that I read and the documentaries that I watch. Nothing seems to move, but my brain is like an open mouth that
unconsciously feeds on all the information passing. What do I take; what do you throw away? What enlightens me; what is left to be scratched and be thought further?

Yet there are so many things that make noises in my head. My family grows, I think I can't blame myself to be thinking about of all these changes, perhaps even more than my writing project. 

But I hate that feeling of stagnation. I have to remind myself it's not really stagnant; it's more in "brainstorming"...!