Monday, August 15, 2011

Thank you everyone!

I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your comments and ideas, following the post "Dilemma, dilemma...", here on the blog, on Facebook or on a forum.

I was waiting for a place in a daycare, part time. The educator told me she would call me back from vacation; well, from one thing to another, it didn't work, we didn't get the place.

On the other side, my daughter -- for whom the language has blocked since the beginning of the troubles with the daycares and the many changes (that is to say, since last fall) -- has recently restarted to do some great efforts to speak. I feel like staying home with her to help her in this step that is slightly harder for her than the others.

I also found a community program where many different activities are offered for the little ones, from 2½ - 3 years old to 5-6 years old -- initiation to: music, dance, locomotion games in a gymnasium, skating, etc. -- which will start this fall. Majority of those activities are children+parents. Since she'll be 3 years old in 2 months, I think it would be interesting to build a schedule together, adding the fact that I've started to initiate her to the swimming pool this summer and now to painting in gouache (and she loves it! there's something magical in the fact of letting her paint and then hang the projects on the wall of her room).

I'm telling myself that it's not my final decision, but nonetheless, this is what I'll do until the Christmas Holidays. I'm letting myself the chance to see how it goes -- the talking, the painting, the other activities -- with the option of changing my idea if needed. =)

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  1. The community program sounds a great idea, especially if it means you will be there to reassure her. And maybe that reassurance will get her fully involved, so that after a while your presence won't be quite as vital...