Friday, July 15, 2011

A whole year "full time" on my projects

July 20th 2011 will mark a whole year working on my project on a full time schedule (one year that I've quit my job and that I work from home without income)!!

Full time for a whole year?
Hum... no, not really, but here's a recapitulation of that year nonetheless.

On the archives side, see: "A month after the return from vacations", "Second "full time" month on my projects", "Third "full time" month on my projects" and "Fourth "full time" month on my projects".

After the fourth month, I stopped those recapitulations, because the "full time" stopped working...

So here what happened in a condensed version:
  • During last fall, my daughter had a periode of time where she was often sick; she was more often home than the daycare, so... I was working part time on my projects...
  • In December, I had two classes at the NAD Center under the professional training, which were  Softimage (XSI) and Mudbox formation.
  • Starting at the Christmas holidays, because of some trouble with the daycare, I stayed home 3 months with my daughter (end of December to beginning of March), so very little time for myself and my projects.
  • In January, we did a purchase offer for a condominium/townhouse on the south shore of Montreal (we used to live on the north shore).
  • In March, my daughter started to go in a new daycare and I went back working on my personal projects in full time (or almost). If, from July to December 2010, I was mostly working on updating my software knowledge in 3D, from March 2011 up to today, I did mostly work on my writings and drawings.
  • And then, trouble with the daycare again, since... I don't know... beginning of June? mid-June? my daughter is going only part time at the daycare. Then in July, I cancel everything and I'm full time mommy. I realized in between that many parents have this kind of "trouble" with daycares and, strangely, it's always happening around the same age trench! Meaning that the kids are in their "terrible twos" (two years old)...

So, for the whole year, let say that I was almost half of the time on my personal projects and the other half being a mother at home with her beloved daughter. ^_^

What did I accomplished during this whole year?

First, I realized that this adventure was not to get me toward a job, because I enjoy WAY too much working from home and have the flexibility of schedule in case of trouble, to take care of my daughter. I decided to be working freelance, (see archives "one egg in each basket"), that is get an income doing a bit of everything: a bit of writing, a bit of illustration, a bit of selling my paintings, a bit of teaching... (More than once, I've been told that very few Quebeckers writers earn a living with the writings, idem for painting artists or illustrators... so, lets do a bit of everything!)

What then?
  • I have assemble many notes, ideas and preparations for a few writing projects (novels).
  • I wrote about 75 pages for one of these novel projects (originally, it was 115 pages, then I tought about what would be best for the storyline and I've cleaned and cut 40 pages).
  • Since the time of the Cegep (equivalent of an "in between" high school and college) I was searching for information about a theory on the antiquity, for a major novels series project; 15 years later (that is, this year), I... huh no... my spouse (!) found what I was looking for... So the research imperative for this writing project is underway!
  • Like I've mentioned in this post: "A super discovery!"  the discovery of a book about drawing did inspire me a lot! So, I'm in the process of setting up a drawing class on several different levels of difficulty, from the base to a more advanced level. Yay! =D
  • I got back to painting! Yay!
  • I spent many beautiful and precious moments with my daughter! ^_^ We are getting through the "terrible twos" with self-control, I'm now a master-zen of the hunger control! =P
What's the rest of the objectives or projects?
  • It would resume into : find incomes... =P  But we are not into trouble; I have time to focus on my projects. ^_^
  • Deepen my knowledge about Zbrush and Scuptis the software (I'm on the waiting list for a training at the Centre NAD, just have to wait for the availability of a teacher for Zbrush... it's been nine months that there is nothing... anyway...) Then I can get back to creation of computer graphics images. I intend to get into the 2D illustration, from 2D and 3D software.
  • Finish to work on the documents for my drawing classes, and start private teaching.
  • Finish the writing of the novel I've started and send it to a publisher. And write another, etc.
  • To paint, paint paint, draw, draw, draw and try to go for a small exhibition somewhere, and sell, sell, sell!  =D
  • And because I'm fearless and I am happy with my family... it will surely soon try to offer a little brother or sister to my daughter! ^_^