Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Software experimentation

Ah! To Paint! Always so pleasant, what ever the medium... In the case of this rose, I did it from a software (Yes! yes! it is computer graphic!) called ArtRage.

This image is based on a photo (that I drew directly over it, I admit it with no shame nor disconfort) that came with the software.

Huh! Now that I put the photo beside my speed painting, I notice the mistakes!! Oh no!! D= 

This is only a study anyway! =P

So, there's only one software left to learn and I'll get to my starting goal. I give myself until mid-July, which will be 1 year after I left my job and start my personal update.

The setback for that last software left (ZBrush), is because there's still nobody on the waiting list at the NAD to get the course with me... Which means that I'll have to learn it all by myself, like I've started... For ZBrush, I was hoping to do it in class and get the certification... but after a whole year (well, ok, I'm on the list since last October), the offer expires!

After ZBrush, I'll be able to execute my plans for my personal works; I'll give more details in mid-July! =P