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Boreal Conference 2011 -- A memorable year!

So, during this May 13-14-15 2011, held the annual conference Boreal in Montreal.
For my part, there were three years that I missed the event due to "maternity leave", so I was waiting this with great anticipation. (For those who don't know, I talked about the Boreal Conference some time ago: to explain in two words, the Congress of the literature of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Fantasy Quebec (SFFQ)). The risk, when one is too excited in anticipation of something is always to be disappointed or that "thing" in question is ultimately not as exciting as one expected...

Well, the Boreal this year was probably one of the best I have ever seen! Here is my summary and very personal point of view of the event.

(I did not take pictures Friday 13 at night, and I have not been this there very long... Skip to the next day).

Day 2: Saturday May 14

9:30: Roundtable: "The fantasy in Quebec after Harry Potter?"

Animated by Élisabeth Vonarburg, Author and the "Great Guru" of the writing workshop I attended in 2006 and 2007 (and continues mentoring even after!) ;o)

At the left: Julie Martel, author (and long for the youngest writers SFFQ) and at the right, Dominic Bellavance, author (the new youngest) ;o)

Many eyes still heavy so early in the morning, but room still busy!

10:30: Roundtable: "The fantasized collection"

From left to right: Claude Lalumière, Alain Ducharme, Frédérick Durant et René Walling.
I appologize for the many french links...  =/

11:30: Roundtable: "Six Brumes Event"
From left to right: Jonathan Reynolds et Guillaume Houle.
The "Six Brumes" are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year.

Caroline Lacroix and her last published "Flyona".

 The room was packed! We missed a few chairs!

 Photo at the left, in the forground: Alamo St-Jean; photo to the right, Alexandre Lemieux, whom I met during my second writing workshop, in 2007.

2:00pm: Roundtable: "The imagination and humor: a marriage doomed to divorce?"

From left to right: Joël Champetier (author, editor and literary director of the Solaris magasine), Jean-Pierre April (author and literary critic), Alain Ducharme (author) et Dominic Bellavance (author).

Joël Champetier (author, editor and literary director of the Solaris magasine)
the guest of honor at this conference, 2011.

 3:00pm: Roundtable "Elegant pen or substantial background?"

 From left to right: Daniel Sernine (author and literary editor of the collection "Jeunesse-Pop" editions Médiapaul), Yves Meynard (author and chronicler for Solaris), center, host Carméli Jacob (editor, coordinator of the articles and section editor for the Brins d'Éternité magazine), Pascale Raud (coordinator and advertising for Solaris), Frédérick Durant (author )


5:30pm : Solaris and Jacques-Brossard Awards
(formerly "Grand Prize for Science Fiction and Fantasy Quebecers")

 Daniel Sernine gives the Solaris award to Josée Lepire.

Jacques-Brossard award (formerly "Grand Prize for Science Fiction and Fantasy Quebecers")
Left: president of the comity, center Valérie Bédard and right, Alain Ducharme, 2 of the 5 members of the jury.

 The winner of the Jacques-Brossard 2011 award: 
Héloïse Côté, with "La tueuse de dragon" (meaning "the dragon slayer") published at Alire.

7:30pm: Launch of the latest novel from Joël Champetier: "Reset - Le voile de lumière"
 At the left, Jean Pettigrew (editorship at Alire) and left, our guest of honor for this Boreal 2011, Joël Champetier (author, editor and literary director of the Solaris magasine)

 Élisabeth Vonarburg, my competitor paparazzi ;o) ... who's taking a picture of the public behind her.

 Joël reads us the first few pages of his novel.

Day 3: Sunday May 15

10:30: Roundtable "Publishing for dummies"

From left to right: Guillaume Voisine (Publisher, editor and literary editor for Brins d'Éternité), Claude Bolduc (author and... damn, I forget the publisher... I must be too tired already on this ​​Sunday morning...), Francine Pelletier (reading committee for Alire) et Dominic Bellavance (host of the roundtable; author).

11:30: Roundtable "How did I write"

 From left to right, (author and literary editor of the collection "Jeunesse-Pop" editions Médiapaul), Yves Meynard (author and chronicler for Solaris), Élisabeth Vonarburg, (author and "Great Guru" of the writing workshop), Alamo St-Jean (author and host of this table).

4:00pm: Aurora/Boréal Award

Our host for the awards: Alain Ducharme.
Note that during the animation for the awards, the crowd (hidden behind the photographer) ;o)
was tearing to one another a kilo of candy! (almost a true story) ;o)

For starters, the prize for the on-site writing contest, hosted by Julie Martel.

Boréal Award – Fanedition: Brins d’éternité (fanzine)
Carmélie Jacob, Guillaume Voisine et Ariane Gélinas

Boréal Award – Artistic & audiovisual creation: Sybiline (Lajoie, Chantal) (Covers: Solaris 173, Solaris 175 and Brins d’éternité 26)

Aurora/Boréal Award – Best work: Solaris Magasine  
(chief editor: Joël Champetier)

Aurora/Boréal Award – Best Short-Story: Côté, Philippe-Aubert: « Pour l’honneur d’un Nohaum » (Solaris 176)

Aurora/Boréal Award – Best Novel: Côté, Héloïse: La tueuse de dragons (Alire)

Congratulation to all!

The final word from the coordinator of the event, Ariane Gélinas

I want to emphasize that this year, many writers from the "next generation" and the writing workshop were nominated or won awards, whatever the category. I would like to thank Elisabeth Vonarburg, for all she does for us, novice writers! If you only knew... her workshops costs 100 times nothing, and Elisabeth helps us even outside of the workshops, like a second mother who would have 25 beloved children. Really, it's not nothing!

"A Great Lady, Elisabeth is!" she says with moist eyes and sniffing loudly like Rubeus Hagrid. ;o)

What? It's already over?
A big CONGRATULATIONS to the team with which Boréal 2011 has taken place without a hitch!
I'm really REALLY looking forward to Boreal 2012 = D

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