Monday, May 16, 2011

1 month and a half later...

My last post on this blog was a month and a half ago.
What is she doing, lately? Has she abandoned her projects?

Of course not!
Like the french expression: "No news, good news" =P

After the period of three months with my daughter, no daycare, between December 2010 and Mars 2011, I went on drawing... I did a week or two of drawing exercises... and then, I've got an emergency to write...

In sequence, there was the release of the poll for the programming of the Boreal Congress 2011 and among the activities offered, there was a "speed match - novice writers VS. editors. Obviously, I was highly interested in this activity!

So I jumped on my notes for a novel project of mine simple and short (for now titled "À fleur de peau" which is a french expression... A translation (not literally) would be "On the Edge"...). I detailed my plan and start writing, in order to have 1) clear and precise ideas on this project and 2) to have something to show, concretely, if the activity took place.

Of course, they were chances (since it was only a pool) that the activity does NOT take place... But, I told myself "No big deal, I'll do it anyway! If it doesn't take place, I'll still have progressed and I'll be able to let some people read the draft up to where I'll be".

I was really in a hurry to write my story; I had pins and needles at my fingertips and... in one week (full time), I wrote 115 pages (ok, there were 25-30 already written an earlier version, I just had to slightly readjust to this new version). In short, I had fingers on fire! It all came out straight through... and let say that I had neither the heart nor the time to update this blog during this time! =P

Well, the activity was not on the final program of the Boreal Congress... =(
No big deal. The project progress and fast; that's all what matter for now!

I'll come back later, to talk about the Congress that happened this week-end...  =)

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