Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My workshop

After the move, after placing the essential of our belongings, there were still (necessarily) boxes left. My computer was installed, my daughter (re)started to go at a daycare... and I had a rage...

Even if I'm going, among others, to illustrated by computer graphics, I feel like doing "traditional" (drawing/painting) as well. A good friend would say, "Well, c'mon! Do it!" Ok, but ... it takes some space (and I have lots of arts materials and more!)

To date, my home-workshops have always been within another room (in the corner of my bedroom, the living room, my office...) The most important thing to note is that once a project is ongoing, it is possible that multiple sessions of drawing or painting will be required to complete the picture. Cleaning the equipment (to prevent it from being damaged, among other things), takes about 15 minutes at the end of each session.

In the past, after the cleaning, I was letting all sit there until the next session. This is normal. But eventually it became... cumbersome... Remember that it was in my bedroom or living room... or office, whatever, it's a room where I was living "differently" and the way it always looked like a "mess", the workshop sharing room in another room became less and less pleasant.

So, I started to pack my workshop (to avoid the mess)... which required approximately 30 minutes extra at the end of a session, plus another 30 minutes for me to reinstall it, at the next session... plus 15 minutes of cleaning...

It has become ONE (but not only) of the reasons for which the workshop, one day or another, has been fully stored in the locker forever since.

But here, it's been years since I wish to get back to traditional art and recently (since the beginning of preparations for the move, somewhere in late-January), it became an obsession, a burning need, to let the workshop out of the closet!

Where it gets complicated is that our new property has NO extra room. And I do not want to live again with a corner of my house looking like a messy hell workshop and where, potentially, my daughter could play with objects that are not meant for young children! I need a separate room with a door!

By cons... in addition to the locker, we have a mini-room upstairs, which normally serves as a storage (with a door). It is small, 1.50 x 1.90 meters (5 x 6.3 feet ) ... and that's all I could have. There were boxes and stuff piled up in this room when I got the idea...

So I've thought, and thought, and thought. As I was clearing the space, emptying boxes and placing our stuff, I looked, I measured, I thought about it over and over again... "And if I did it like that ...? No, it does not work, it's too tight ... But if I moved there instead, and that ... yes it could work! ...Except that... "

I had to face the obvious: we need space for storing anyway... But I haven't given up! There are solutions to those who seek!

With good planning, measurement, plans and all that stuff, I made a 2-in-1. Many shelves in height, my drawing table tight in between (luckily, it's large!), I did make everything fin into a very small room =)

And today, I worked for the first time in my new workshop. =D

I am now going on an update for drawing (by hand); more about that another time!

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