Friday, March 11, 2011

Good news!!

 Broken Wings, 2006

A quick message to mention that on  Deviant Art website (a kind of "facebook" for artists, if you like, where I have a page that I use as my portfolio), I had the honor to see my drawing/painting "Broken Wings" accepted into "EliteArtists" group.

The group system is new for me on DeviantArt. Overall, it's me who submitted the request, without being certain that I "would be at the right level" to figure in such a group... but there it is! =)  I am!!

Which gives me more confidence for my project to launch myself as a freelance artist, as an book illustrator painting artist. I'll also give myself time to write.


I'll also add:
I looked for a daycare for my daughter (who'll be 2 years and 5 months this week-end), in order to get back to work (working at home that is). I found a place that... hum... didn't "clicked", I wasn't feeling in trust with the lady... I had to drop it. Furthermore, her group was mostly composed of very young, so the age difference would have been too great with the one of my daughter. She wouldn't have had friends there.

I was disappointed, because it was so close from where we live that I could have go there by foot (which is relatively exceptional in this region, where there's a lot less daycare services than Laval, where we were before we move).
So I start over again my searches... and I found another place, yet again close enough to get there by foot! But this time, it was "love at first sight"! This daycare is way better, the lady makes the kids play outside about everyday (her group has no babies, so she can allow it, especially during winter when it's very cold; it's not really compatible with "not yet walking kids") and visibly, she has more experience in education and with young kids. Simply to visit her daycare, with kids between 2 and 5 years old, there were 3 or 4 who were already interested to play with my daughter.

On the other side, we were three to present ourselves for two offered places and because it's a home daycare, it's not "first come, first served"; she is the one choosing the kids according to the rest of the group. So, I was waiting that she meets all parents and kids to get some news...

I got it today also: we got the place! Another great news!!
I'm not sure yet when we'll start, but I'll certainly be able to get back to work shortly! =)

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