Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Boreal Congres 2011 approches!

By this fine afternoon of March (the day after a 50 cm snowstorm)...

 Picture of my new terrace, today

 ...and a moment where my daughter was willing to rest, I was lurking on the web to get to the blog of the young literary director of the fanzine Brins d'éternité, Guillaume Voisine (and publisher of my short story in two parts "La Fontaine d'Onyx" Part I & Part II (in French only, not yet translated) written in 2006-2007), on a post "Aux urnes"...that brought me back to reality: Boreal!

For my non-writers friends, each year is held the Boreal Congress (French link) (Since 1979, Boreal Congress welcomes lovers, connoisseurs and creators of the fantastic, of fantasy and science fiction. On this occasion, the public is invited to meet authors both professional and beginner, as well as publishers and literary editors passionate of fantasy genres.)

I found this conference a few years ago, following a book rejection by a publisher (I was invited in the refusal letter to attend to it), and it has been the trigger for many meeting.
My first Boreal goes bacl to 2005, I think.

I, who studied in 3D computer graphics, I had attended mainly to international high technologies movies and new generation animation conferences, with giant screens everywhere, the most amazing videos at every corner and a pack of rather snobbish people who came from around the globe.

My first impression of Boreal was its simplicity. It's a Quebec literary event, so necessarily, smaller and a lot less sponsored. The second thing that struck me was how the Quebec writers of science fiction, fantasy and fantastic (SFFF) are easy to reach!

Because I was among the new faces and potentially, a beginner of the next generation for the SFFF literature, I was greeted almost like a queen with the others of my group! It was easy to ask questions openly, to be heard and the receive as many detailed answers than people interested to answer!

 It was at my first Boreal that I met Francine Pelletier, who slipped at one point in a panel that she was working at the editorial board of the publisher Alire (where I tried to get published, among others) ... Between two days of conference, I returned home to take my rejection letter, and realize that it was signed by her!

So, right the next day, I went to met her to get a private talk about the weak elements of my book, to understand how to get better in writing in the objective that one day, I get published.

I also met Élisabeth Vonarburg, then the following year (2006 I think), follow my first writing workshop, which was like a springboard for the development of my writing! Boreal 2007, I met in person Jean-Claude Dunyach, I first met through the forum Bragelonne edition, where he was publisher of the science fiction collection for a period of time.

Then, I was studying in herbal medicine in addition to working and being pregnant, then I was breastfeeding my baby daughter, then it was in Quebec city instead of Montreal... Brief, in the few last years, I have lost the thread! It is time to get back to it and I'll go! =D

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