Saturday, February 26, 2011

A move that makes me dream!

I wanted to come a last time on my blog before the moving. Today, we will unplug the computers and and move them with the electronics (which is not covered by the warranty of the movers).

My father proposed us his help this week-end to prepare the new place before the grand day, so we will go there to install the storage shelves and closet storage units this weekend and finalize the boxes and the final details on Sunday. The truck and the movers will be with us Monday for the furniture and boxes.

I'm not yet sure when computers and the small homey network will be replug... I not certain how long it will take to have access to internet again in our new home. Last time we moved (if my memory is correct), we had to wait two or tree weeks... Anyhow, lets hope that the methods have evolute in the past four years and that the internet will be functioning at the same time as the phone, which should be on Monday! 

Meanwhile, this week was the last phase of packing in boxes as mush as possible. It's crazy all the things we can have (without noticing) in the kitchen or a bathroom.

But, another astonishment was when I undid the storage shelf (I have three huge! not bookshelves... I mean "storage"!) If about a third of my boxes are labeled "Kitchen", a third "Books & DVD", the last third for my personal belongings is "Arts Materials". I also have a smaller percentage for "Herbal Tea" and "Fabrication Material" (to make soap, hydrating body cream and other natural products I do with medicinal herbs)! I still have a small drawer cabinet filled with Art materials that I haven't emptied (not all of it anyway, since we can easily move it like it is... maybe the movers will think otherwise, we'll see!).

Briefly, it made me dream! I was packing, I was sorting my boxes (that was opened and already done since I left my parents place; it's more easy to store this way!) and I was dreaming to start again to use all this material!

There was a time where I had more money and I invested a lot in Arts material. I remember that back then, I was saying that I didn't necessarily have the time to draw or paint, but I was buying for later, for a time I would have more time and less money... a kind of investment for hobbies, if you like... Well, more than once, precisely when I had more free time and less incomes, it's been really useful! So I was right to say so!

Now, it's been a long time (to my eyes) that I didn't have time to draw and paint. I'm not yet certain how I'll install myself in the new place. I've dream for so long (for ever?) to have an additional room for my Art workshop, a room where I can leave my material out and ready for the next project (which save a lot of time to store back and take all out again for each project). I'm not there yet; I won't have an extra room. On the other hand, maybe I'll be able to draw and paint outside this summer, on my terrace... or maybe the storage room will be grand enough? I don't know.

Anyhow, I have the head filled with painting project, for fun, to decorate my home, to sell maybe and perhaps have a small income... I have the head filled with scenarios and pieces of stories, I'm taking notes when I can, for the time I'll be ready to write... I can't wait to get back to computer graphics and continue what I've started last fall until Christmas!

I think that at the beginning, I will want to do all and everything at the same time, so I guess I'll be going in circle or at least, I'll probably be completely disorganised for the few first weeks, for the time I found myself a schedule!

Briefly, I'm so ready to move, which gives me great dream and I can't wait to get back to work! =D