Monday, January 31, 2011

We're moving!

Hi there!
Now, it's official! I won't have much free time for the next month or two: we're moving! And like every time, it's a last minute's call; it seems I enjoy strong turns! =P

When my spouse asked me, in January, if it was alright to organize the move for March, I said "Yes", telling myself that we would have 2-3 months... Small detail, we were at the END of January, and it's for March 1st; that's only 1 month!!! Ho-la-la!

We are going back close to where I grew up, meaning on the south shore of Montreal.

A nice project, really, but nothing to do with illustration or writing this time! I'll take the time to get myself installed there, to find a daycare for my daughter, then I'll go back to work. I'm really happy of all those changes; it'll be good for me, I think. Each time I did this kind of move, things stepped forward for the best for me, so I'm optimist! =D

See you soon!

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