Monday, January 17, 2011

Back from 2010 holidays

Hello everyone!
Following the classes I've got in December, so few things moved on the side of the 3D (to be more precise, nothing has been done; I only worked on ideas in my mind). The babysitter at the daycare gave birth right before the holidays and the service is closed for a month... (for many little reasons that become disturbing because there's too many, I took the decision not to use her service anymore... but that's another story!)

Briefly, after my classes (since December 18th), I'm home with my daughter, to share almost all my time with her (she is now 2 years and 3 months old). Of course, during the holidays, her dad had two weeks of vacations, which was even greater to be all three together, to see the family, friends, to go play outside in the snow, and all the rest!

You'll agree that I didn't have much time to do 3D since December 18th up to now. I didn't write my book either. I easily made peace with that. Anyway, at the moment, I'm not really in the mood of writing. On the other hand, I took a decision for the long fantasy series (an idea that came to me few months ago and I was hesitating to integrate it to the series. I decided to add it... which will extend a lot the preparation work for this story!), and which will make this series even more... monumental!

During the holidays, I felt the emergency to buy myself a hard cover book with blank drawing sheets inside and I've started to use it half like a journal (which helps me get over the "blank page syndrome" (...ok, bad translation here... hum... I mean a kind of "writer's block" for drawing/painting artists)... by scribbling some words, the page is no longer blank and it encourage me to draw) and half pocket book for drawings "research and experimentation".

In overall, I'm trying, through this drawing book, to do the syntheses of my taste, my style, the techniques I like to use, eventually the color pallets I'd like to work with. So, I sorted my old drawings, my old school works (when I was studying Art), sketch books and others... I revise them, I look to the shapes that come back over again, I'm looking for "what makes this my style", what I enjoy drawing, which subject I like... through the sketches and drawing that I'm transferring into my drawing book, I write notes and philosophy on Art, on those shapes I use or the theme I'm choosing. (ex: the circle or the spiral, two shapes that I particularly like... I would write "what are they signify to me, what do I see through those symbols, why do I like to use them...)

I'll eventually sketch again my old teenage drawings, those I still like, but that I would like to re-do with my adult hand. The idea is that I used to draw or paint a lot at a certain point of my life, and then I was interrupted, let say by life... What I'm trying to do, is to go back at the point I was, try to re-impregnate my own style, then to let it go to what I have become since that time. Back at the time I was drawing/painting a lot, I was in an existential crisis, I was bathing in self-destructive emotions and I saw life very differently. Those days are far behind me now.

Like I wrote that the beginning of this blog (there's almost a year now; you'll find the details in "Drawing or not?" and "Drawing or not? -- 2"), the fact that I've cured myself from this dark period left me not knowing what to express through the drawing and painting. Like mentioned in those old posts, there are other emotions to express through Art... but since I'm still talking about this a year later, with little things done in this way, it is clear to me that this is not so simple. It's a bit like relearn to draw (or should I say, relearn to know myself through a pencil or a brush). So there is the main goal of this pocket book and my "research and experimentation".

I'll give some news soon, because... I still have so many things to say still!!! ^_^
Many projects (and so little time for myself to achieve them, but it's not that bad, because right now, I having such a beautiful moments with my daughter! I take this opportunity while it last!)

See you soon!

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