Saturday, December 4, 2010

Courses (in class) at the NAD!!

There's been a while since I've mentioned the NAD center.

Well, it went really fast... I wanted first of all to take a formation ZBrush, but there's not enough people to start a class... So I'm waiting since a few months. I have Mudbox classes scheduled for some time for mid-December. I was talking, like that, to the person in charge for the professional formation at the NAD center, and I've mentioned that I'm interested by the Softimage course. Not even a full week after, I received an email informing that the Softimage formation would start... the week after!

So, this Wednesday (December 1st), Thursday and Friday, I as at the NAD to start the 5 days formation; next Thursday and Friday for the second part.

I was told that those courses would be intensive enough, that we would cover many things per days and all... which scared me a bit... So I've assured myself that I would be ready for this, which took me 3 months of autodidact exercises. I was happy to realized that I what I have succeed to do myself in the modelisation and textures modules, was up the level of the class (which didn't prevent me to learn new things in those modules!)

It gives me back some self-confidence on my own capacity to get up-to-date by myself, among other things with ZBrush; maybe I won't need a formation for it, after all... although these classes gives me certifications that I can put in my resume; a toms-up to help me find a job after...   =)

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