Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Third "full time" month on my projects

I'm presently blocked with technical details (user problems) v_v and there's a couple of days I can't do what I'd like to... I've lost patience (again) today. I've decided to step aside... so I thought it would be the best time to do an update.

If you remember, I showed you a sketch, about a month ago (bottom of the page). I'm working on the same projet. Here were I'm at:

On my "DeviantArt" page, I've put the details of the project evolution.

I think that the most part of my problem, is that I have the feeling of not going as fast as I would like. So I'm trying to go faster... but I'm not at that level yet... I need to take the time to follow my tutorials at large, in order to better understand the overall of the softwares... Yes, I'm impatient lately... I need to calm myself a little...

Alright, tomorrow, no coffee, only a good chamomile with honey and I take the time... One step at the time... *Sighing*

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