Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Third "full time" month on my projects

I'm presently blocked with technical details (user problems) v_v and there's a couple of days I can't do what I'd like to... I've lost patience (again) today. I've decided to step aside... so I thought it would be the best time to do an update.

If you remember, I showed you a sketch, about a month ago (bottom of the page). I'm working on the same projet. Here were I'm at:

On my "DeviantArt" page, I've put the details of the project evolution.

I think that the most part of my problem, is that I have the feeling of not going as fast as I would like. So I'm trying to go faster... but I'm not at that level yet... I need to take the time to follow my tutorials at large, in order to better understand the overall of the softwares... Yes, I'm impatient lately... I need to calm myself a little...

Alright, tomorrow, no coffee, only a good chamomile with honey and I take the time... One step at the time... *Sighing*

Monday, October 18, 2010

Cancelled classes...

After a period of few weeks organizing some important events, cut in between with days with my daughter who is often sick lately and suffering with teething (she's having 4 new molars one after the other, which is  comes mostly with successive colds) and live those events I was preparing (which were a great success), I had to follow a three-day workshop at NAD Center, given by Scott Eaton on traditional artistic anatomy for digital artists. (For those interested, the description of the workshop is here ; Read more about Scott Eaton here).

So the same workshop described in this article was to take place again from October 18th to 21st, but it has unfortunately been postponed. On the monetary and vitality side of view, this is relatively a good thing... It seems to be my turn to get sick and I'm really slammed from my last three weeks of organizations and events...

But on the other hand, I was really looking forward to this training. I've heard about the first time in March, when Mr. Eaton came to Montreal and I was already looking forward to follow it (but back then, I was still working and I was far from being ready to get any 3D training)! When I've learned he was going to be back in Montreal, I immediately registered...  but I've learned last week that the workshop was postponed to an unknown date.

Anyway, it is not that serious and there surely will be other opportunities. The course is only postponed. And with any luck, maybe I could follow the formation of ZBrush before his return, which would be to my advantage!

When I was inscribing, I asked if the knowledge of ZBrush is a prerequisite to this workshop... because, I already opened the software, I played around with it, but nothing more! I haven't done anything concrete with this software and I'm really not comfortable with it yet... I was told that it might be a little difficult to follow the practical part of the course, but once in the course of ZBrush, I would have a head start... I think it's a little like doing things on the wrong way around... like... you pay for a course to learn: if we lack some basic, you'll miss the details! No?

Anyway, it's okay! Now I will heal my cold, rest and have a chance to catch up in ZBrush for next time! ^_^

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New "version" of the story

I've started to write a few pages, like I've mentionne in my previous post...  The researches were not very advanced and I knew that it could become a problem and that there was a risk to start over again. But I had stories to tell, I wrote what I had in my heart and I've enjoyed doing so.

Eventually, I had to face reality and do my "home work", meaning some researches. I've surf on the web to peek where robotic technologies are now. With the Robotics Portal on Wikipedia, I was able to read some interesting articles, like "Robotic" or ASIMO (please note that I've did my research on the french version of Wikipedia, so articles may be different in the English version). Already with that start, I've decided to push the dates... well, in fact, to pull them... I mean that, without mentioning a precise year in the book, knowing that it "in a near future", let say that to match with what exist as today, maybe it's on a "nearer future" that I've first planed. Which doesn't change much the plot in general...

I also touch the subject of cybernetic organism (cyborg). My boyfriend found some articles that were quite useful, starting with this one, "Morning Discussion", very brief and general, that leads to this article: "What's a cyborg?" This article also talks about how the idea of cyborgs have started fifty years ago? And how that idea has evolved in time? And different versions of the cyborg on known science-fictions? There's also this article "Cyborg Realism: IEDs, Prosthetic Limbs and Military R&D" that comes with videos that I've also enjoyed a lot, on the military development of cyborg, today. Those are mostly prototype projects for heavily wounded war veterans, but soon available to the public.

Those articles put many of my ideas on the floor about one of the three main characters of the story. I have already written about this character and I feared that sooner or later, I would have to rewrite the whole part. I let myself go on writing anyway, but more I was writing and less the story of that character was holding together... I think I needed an imaginary drudge to relief myself, but with one step backward to quickly check the overall, there was too much of free-cruelty, not explained and unexplainable around that character; it wasn't making much sense...

So, I have to revise the reason of the cybernetic, revise the past of the character, which, necessary, modifies the time line, which modifies certain decisions from that character through the story... which, at the end, changes about everything on the tangent of that character!

Then, when I was looking at the direction the "romantic" side of the story was taking, it wasn't holding all together either! I could compare it to a romantic-comedy from Hollywood, where, at the end of the movie, you just don't understand why the girl changed her mind and start getting interested into the guy... and you seriously wonder how long that relation, in real life, would hold (6 months? 2 months?). Briefly, I was feeling far from my objective to reflect likely human emotions, on which we could all identify truly, despite of the "science-fantasy" barrier...

In order for the love story to work out, the two protagonists have to meet differently, on a different circumstances... and I have to modify slightly those characters, to make them compatible one for the other.

So, with all those changes on the horizon... well... This is a new version of the story! I don't have to start all over from the beginning, but I have enough grand  modifications to say that about the half of it has to be redone from scratch...

I have some friends who have the impression that it's "really bad" or "depressing" when I get to this kind of situation, but I don't think so! It's motivating! The story evolves and I seriously prefer redo some parts, or even to do all over again, instead of sticking to the plan (that doesn't work) and write a story that doesn't make much sense! ;o)