Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The "Lost Pages" have arrived!

More than once, I mentioned the idea to do a file of "Lost Pages" where I would present short stories or other anecdotal stories connected to a book or a series project I'm working on.

Well, I've started to post the first "Lost Pages"!
For now, they are on my DeviantArt page, in a new section ingeniously called "Lost Pages".

In the French one ("Pages Perdues"), there are three texts already, but only one has been translated... by myself. As you know or might have noticed, English is a second tongue for me, so it's possible that the translation is not perfect... but surely better than what the internet automatic translator would give away.

As for the 2 other texts "La Fontaine d'Onyx, Part I and Part II", which is way longer texts, will be translated... but just not yet. I'll come back and announced them here when they'll be translated.

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  1. "Dream Well" certainly conveys a mood, though it is more of an "anecdote" or a "text" than a story. In some ways it is more like poetry than a narrative; we learn very little about the background, and the choice of a blind narrator does limit the amount of description you can do. As it links to your main project, I suppose people who know the main tale will be able to think, "Ah, so that's how Blind Bert became the way he is", but as a stand-alone piece, it is a bit low on substance. The woman and the fairy/faery boat have nice echoes of the Arthurian legend, of course, and you certainly do leave us wanting more...