Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The "Paper Pensieve"

It's been a while since I did an update on my projects, so I'll take a moment to write few words here.

Last month was marked by colds and other minor discomfort. I often had to stay home with my sick daughter, so I really feel like my projects haven't progressed fast during that time.

Regarding 3D, I've tried ZBrush and the part I always had trouble understanding is still present ... This is the part where it's not a real 3D software; the interface is not in 3D ... So it's a bit like trying to do 3D with Photoshop ... what ZBrush calls 2.5D. I find this approach uncomfortable, although the software itself is powerful in its possibilities.

My spouse who works at Autodesk told me about another lesser known similar software, which is Mudbox. Like ZBrush, in Mudbox, we are working the 3D model as if it were a lump of clay that we model with the fingers, here replaced by a mouse or a tablet. With Digital Tutors pane Mudbox, I watched several videos to compare with ZBrush. The two software are actually very similar in tools, except that Mudbox has a 3D interface, which to me seems more comfortable on the navigation level. The choice, of course, is still very personal, though I haven't had time to try Mudbox... but I installed a version of it... this is a matter of time.

On the other hand, I started a new project of tutorials, an interior design with Softimage: Since I'm modeling the scene as it is shown in the tutorial given at the same time I listen to the videos, it is relatively long to do and the project is not finished yet (I did probably about the half of the project).

Meanwhile, I had a lot of time to think about my new Science-Fantasy writing project  I mentioned in my previous post. This project really fills my head. I had moments where I could not sleep because my mind was busy telling me parts of this story. It reminds me of the time where my mother was putting me to bed too early, so early that I wasn't falling asleep until 1-2 hours later, but I was so afraid to stand up or turn the light on to read or play in my bed ... I was doing the only thing I could do in the dark at 8 or 9 years ... I was telling myself stories! That's how I started writing: my head became so filled by many scenarios, I had to empty it on paper. I started at 9 years writing "seriously", meaning in a goal of making a movie or a published book out of it.

So I had moments of great fatigue, taking an hour to fall asleep because I was telling myself this story in my head, then my daughter would wake up 2-3 times during the night because she had a cold or a mole that was growing, which asked me 5 to 45 minutes to put her back to sleep and then I could not get back to sleep myself because I kept the script of my book in my head going... Then one day that my daughter was at the daycare, I sat at the computer and I wrote that scene that became an obsession. Oh, I've finally felt free and I was able to sleep well again ... Write, I already said it, is a NEED for me ... is for me, like Dumbledore's Pensieve!

Last week, I spent much time with my daughter who was stock with a cold, so I worked very little and had a lot of time to think. Yesterday, I had another emergency to write, not a scene this time, but the full plan of the story. In one day (approximately 10 hours), I managed to really put all the summarized ideas I had in mind on paper, in chronological order. The plan is not complete yet, it still missing about one third of the story I think (hard to say for the moment), but this part is not yet very clear in my mind. The doors are open for upcoming events of the story, the elements are in place, but the sequence of events are not clear to me yet, so tempting to write it would take me an eternity, so I prefer wait to feel an urgency to write it before I throw myself on the writing of the end of the story.

In short, I'm happy nonetheless to see the projects progressing anyway.
I also spent many happy moments with my daughter; even sick, she doesn't lose her smile. She's a real love!

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