Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another project?

Well, during the week-end, I took a decision for the 3D. I'll now switch to ZBrush tutorials, and push futher my "organic" modeling.

I also have a little "confidence" for you... About two weeks ago, I did one of those dream that sometimes inspire me. When I woke up, the story of that dream was interrupted, but I've tried to tell myself the part of the story missing... It became almost an obsession! The story has grown, and grown... and later, I was able to sew it up to an old and incomplete idea that I was keeping in back-up in a corner of my memory... When I mentioned that I have 4-5 writing projects in mind, this "old idea" is one of them.

Although I'm glad that this project develops, I'm also a bit discouraged... It seams that I have a hard time staying focused on one project at a time, which must be one of the reasons why I have trouble finishing anything (I have too many ideas and I wish I could do all at the same time). I'm trying to lay my ideas down on paper in the order they are coming, so I don't forget them, but now, I'm working on two projects at the same time, which is not working very well. I need to focus, to channel my energy on one or the other... I really feel divided in between; I don't know which one to pick...

This new idea is a shorter story; it could hold in one or two books, while the series I'm talking about since February, the first tome will have 4 or 5 books... without mentioning that the second tome would probably have as many, maybe more... More than once, I've been advised to start with shorter projects, to forge myself some experience, because I'm not at the level to write long series yet. Anyway, I'm not sure what I'll do...

To avoid mixing things, the series project that I'm talking about since February, is a Fantasy. The new and shorter project, it's a Science-Fiction or a Science-Fantasy, like some say; which would be more accurate. ^_^  I'll keep you updated...

Friday, August 20, 2010

A month after the return from vacations

I've just realized that it's been 1 month this week since I'm back from vacations and that I've started my update in 3D. This would be a good time to do a recapitulation of what I've accomplished since my new start in 3D.

The first week, I did some really basic tutorials, to remember how to navigate in Softimage and the base of modeling. The following week, I've undertaken "Introduction to Modeling in XSI" (4 hours and 24 minutes in 28 videos). I've taken notes and I've also followed step-by-step all modeling stages for the Swiss army-knife that we see on the link's images. In between, I was feeling like modeling something personal and I did the magic staff of the previous post "First Finished 3D Model".

After that, I took the time to search on the listing of tutorials offered by Digital-Tutors, put some on favorite to create a kind of "tutorials to do" and I finally chose to do a cartoony character, as shown on " "Modeling a Character for Rigging and Animation in Softimage", 3 hours and 8 minutes in 19 videos. Though it's shorter in time than it was for the Swiss army-knife, it wasn't obvious to do this one step-by-step. The ears region, and then the eyes (with the eyelids ready to be animated and all) asked me a lot of work and re-working. The two last videos are tutorials to do a very simple texture and how to apply it on the 3D objects (there was nothing like this on with the Swiss army-knife tutorial).

I have to say that I'm really happy about what I'm doing, how I'm filling my days; it goes well for now and the plan is working well (and I don't lack money).

Through those steps of 3D, purely by coincidence, I came across a critique of my very first short-text in two parts, that been published for the amateurish magazine Brins d'Éternité (#16 & #17), written on Alexandre Lemieux's blog (2007 archives):

The Onyx fontain by Démie Lecompte
Here is the first part of a exotic fantasy short story. Everything is very well narrated, with a good control of literary tools. The structure is simple but effective, well-developed. We follow a fugitive slave to whom the past catches up anyway. The atmosphere of the one thousand and one nights that emerges is refreshing and I can not wait to read the second part. Luckily, I should receive the next issue of Brins d'Éternité one day to another.

(If I recall well, Alexandre Lemieux is someone who has assisted to Elisabeth Vonarburg writing workshop at the same time as I did).

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the critique for the part II of my short-story (on the blog, Alexandre is going from issue #16 to #20)...

By cons, the positivism of that critique (compared to some others he did) gave me some wind in my sails and gave me a strong feeling of keeping going on my series. I had some time to work on writing more plans and make more research. I have a better idea of how was working metallurgy at the time of end of Bronze Age and beginning of Iron Age and how they could have lived. Few times, I was sitting down in front of the computer, willing to simply start writing the story and never mind the rest, even if that means to throw that to the garbage later... the goal was to write for the pleasure of it.

Bah... It's hard! That damned first line! Rah!
But the exercise was practical. Small reminder: I added a whole book before the initial planned starting point. I realized that though I wrote plans of the story, they are not yet enough detailed, because I didn't know exactly where to start the story in this new episode.

To do a long story short, I had two choices for the opening and I took the time to think about which one would be best. I think I did the right choice. Also, other majors details for the plot and development of the story really took form in my mind, so overall, the project is going well... though I still have nothing written (as a book) yet.

Where I did loose time during the month... I was sick after I've eaten something that my body didn't appreciated... I've regurgitated all night and I couldn't eat much the next day... And on top of things, I was in my period which always drain my down of my energy and bring me in a mood where I feel like no food could please me (whereas I'm someone who normally enjoys eating well), followed with a short phase of light depression where I feel like "doing nothing". Added to the mini-intoxication, I've spent five days straight felling K.O. and where I really wasn't well productive et where I did lack discipline... =(

To come back on 3D subject, since I've just finished a new level, I'm on a decision period, asking myself what will be the next step. I'll let the weekend pass to think about it. My choices are:
There, see you soon! =D

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

First finished 3D model

A quick update to show the evolution of my work in 3D.

It's still a "work-in-progress", meaning that only the modeling is finished, there are no color yet, no materials, no textures and no effects...

Here are some print-screens:

In all, it took me about 4 hours to modeled, which is too long ... but hey, it's my first!
I'll take speed of execution as I will remember the modeling tools and get used to them again!

I'm open to constructive critics to help me improve this model.

See you later!