Sunday, June 27, 2010

Change in the Wind

I had some days off (with the St-Jean-Baptiste, Day of the Quebec province, which fell on a Thursday, I took Friday off to give me a good four days off!) I was able to do some family activities and to work on my project!

I'm at the stage where I'm writing in details the descriptions of the major islands of the story, people who live there and how they live (cultural, agricultural and other products).

Between two events, I tried to sit down and write something. I have so many parts of stories and I can't wait to write the story itself ... but I couldn't do it... I was not in the right ambiance, or the right mood (!), I could put myself  in an introverted state, which is necessary for me to write something structured... I was a bit disappointed, because not only am I rusty, I also have so many things in mind, I'm too excited, I do not know where to begin! It is the opposite effect of "white page syndrome", but it has the same result ...

Afterward, I thought I could develop the characters files. I thought that if I'm taking the time to select the relatively important characters of the story, and write their part in the story (their story), according to THEIR point of view, not only would have a chance to write while developing my pre-production and my preparations, but in addition it would allow me to better know and understand these characters.

My project is progressing surprisingly well all of a sudden! =)
I also started research on shamanism ...
Tomorrow it's back to work, and I only have four days and then after, it's freedom!

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  1. It's a difficult stage in the writing project - there is going to come a time when the preparations have to be put aside, and Chapter One has to start.

    Of course, the research/preparation stage could include some shorter stories in the same setting, either connected to characters from the main tale or almost completely unrelated, to help you get used to the world you are creating... maybe the wise old mentor had some adventures when he was young, or your main character's parents met in an interesting way?