Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bronze and Iron Age

In my last post, I was talking about a research I started on Celtics, at the Bronze Age and Iron Age. Since then, other than working, spending time with my family and reading this book, I don't have much news. On the other side, this reading put in place several ideas.

I was right to think that I needed a bit of research to inspire me more (even though my world has not much to do with ours and our history). I realize now that without this research, some elements of the social context of my story would have seemed naive. I still have some pages to read before finishing this book and then I would like to read a little more about mines and forges (of that time, of course) because the metalwork is relatively present around some characters. However, I have no book on the subject, so I'll see what I can find on the Internet.

The last time I talked about the series itself, I said that I discovered new pages to write about a character "important by his absence". My research on the Celtic Antiquity has given me some new ideas. I still don't know if this part of the series (which I'll call for the moment the episode 0) will be in the final version, but I think my new ideas add up to the story and I realized that some important characters can be seen in this episode (which happens 40-50 years before episode 1), which advantageously deepen the story on the social context. I'm not sure if it is relevant to the series to add this episode, but I feel like writing it. We'll see later for the rest. Period, I'll do it.

Besides that, I still have one month to work where I am now, then we're going on vacation in France (see my in-laws) and when I return, I'll start my update in 3D. I am now well installed, with two working monitors, ZBrush and Softimage installed on my station... The only thing remaining is... the time to start! =D

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