Sunday, April 11, 2010

Working on the map

Hello everyone!

Long time since I wrote in this blog. During the Easter off, my daughter caught a cold that touched all three of us and waits to leave us in peace. Since the last two weeks, I have an stunning tiredness and I can't go to bed later than my daughter. At work, I also had to catch up my time during my lunch breaks. As a result, I had very little time to work on my project.

I still worked a little on my map. I finished the global drawing of the archipelago and I'm satisfied with the result. I started to draw details of the principal island of the story (it's no use to do the ones where there's no action in the story!), meaning rivers and forest. On the first version of the map, I have the feeling that the rivers don't make much sense; I had to rethink their emplacement. And about the forest... the first version of the map was like a thousand years in the futur, so it's clear to me that forest / plains are not quite the same! There again, I'm satisfied. So I've advanced on the map, though I would have like to have more time to do even more...

On the text side, I'm at the point where I have to find names for the secondary characters. There's a lot. I took the time to sit and think about a logic in the selections of names (names from the same region looks alike at some point, but will be different in another region or for another tribe). It's really boring; a head breaker! But it has to be done.

Then, I have to put that aside and come back to it later, to revised and see if names make sense, if they don't look too much alike, don't feel too strange, if they don't sound like another word or expression (which would make them laughable), or if they are too hard to read... There's nothing worst to get to a fantasy novel where the main character, for example, is named "Schrenald", who's a super-hunter of "degnetefultakatari", which live at "Tretalvashtekar", and the wife, Taka ("intruder" name because it's too much different of the rest), feels lonely, away from her man... see what I mean?

To me, more a character is important in the story and more his/her name should be relatively agreeable to read and easy to remember! I don't mean that they should all be called Jack and Julia, but still! There's a way to find fantasy-like names without sounding completely ludicrous!

So there it is!
Until next time!!

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