Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Information about NAD Center

 Following my last post, I have contacted the person to have information for the 3D classes. To put the right words, the school is the NAD Center, well deemed in Montreal for 3D. It was a good idea to call him, since it seems there are a lot of freelance 3D artists who goes there for the updates. So, there are classes for those not in company and not in a group (they make the groups themselves).

I have two options. I haven't choose yet, since each has its advantages and disadvantages...

Option #1.
Choose customized classes; you select on a list of classes/software that I would like to take (with the option to take them all if I'd like!) Each class are 2 or 3 days at school. For example, for 3Ds Max, the classes you can select are:

  • 3ds Max Essentials Techniques
  • Animation Rigging
  • Character Animation
  • Modeling and textures
  • Lighting and renders
  • Special Effects and simulation
  • Maxscript
According to the classes schedule, I could start right in mid-May, or at fall. Since I already have a trip to France this summer (to go visit my boyfriend's family), I think it would be best to wait fall trimester. Furthermore, to start classes in 3 weeks, it would be very short notice! If I chose to go back to school, I intend to quite my job, where I need to advise two weeks in advance...

This option is more affordable, short, and I think there's no exams, so no grades, no stress. On the side of inconveniences, I would be relatively left to myself (the classes being really short, like workshops, I'll have to study and work to deepen my knowledge, at home, alone (okay, not exactly alone, since my boyfriend is ready to help me =P), I'll have to be very self-disciplined to practice the softwares and build a folio by myself. Once those steps done, I would also be by myself to find a job and I don't have much contacts in the fields... Since the nature of the classes/workshops, I would not be allowed to loans and grants like for a "full class"

Option #2. To do a Baccalaureate of 3 years. The 3D courses are normally at the level of college (here) and it's the first time that I hear they go to university. It seems that the NAD is already offering Certificates (1 year university) and now, they are opening the Bacc. It's so recent that I have trouble getting all the information! For example, I can't find the cost of that program, nor the inscription date. The next briefing for the Bacc. is May 27th.

On that hand, the advantages and disadvantages are directly the opposite as the Option #1. The formation is very long, so long time without job / income, plus the fees for university (if the college's level program is 16,500$, I would expect that it would be double or triple for the Bacc!). But, I would have a solide folio, a lot more coaching during the period of learning, a better diploma that would open more doors, and wouldn't being garantie, I would also have more chances to find a job through the contact of the school... And it's an official program, so I would be eligible for loans and grants.

So there, I'm plunged in an intense reflection, calculating costs, etc. On one side, quicker, cheaper, but less chances to find a job; on the other, very long, very expensive, but a lot of chances to find a job...

Right now, I think that 3 years without income, at this point of my life, seems a little... absurd! Three years! If the program starts this fall, my daughter would be 5 years old when I would finished, ready to go to kindergarten! And necessary, no other babies during that period, otherwise I would be in the deep bottom! Anyway, nothing is planed yet...

P.S. Since the last 72 hours, I have accumulated so many ideas!! I recently said that I don't have much ideas for visual projects... I think I wasn't putting myself in the "context" to do anything. Now that I am, I'm submerged by ideas (which can be dangerous to target too high and do bad 3D because the project was to complex for my level or abandon because I'm not satisfied...)

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