Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The first "Lost Pages" ?

Like I mentioned in my last post, I didn't have much time lately to work on my project. On the other side, what's great about a writing project, is that it needs a lot of thinking, which doesn't need any material and can be done almost anytime and almost anywhere!

So, recently, I let my imagination walked around... To mention it without spoilers, the first book of the series should (unless I change the plan of the story, which is always a possibility) open with a character that, right at the beginning, is remarked by his absence. It's really a character that "should have been" in the story, but since he's not, all changes... and that gives birth to the plot. So, it appeared to me that I must know ALL about that character, so all the story elements that turns around him can be enriched, even if he himself is not there.

As a starter, according to the main storyline, I knew that he "came from afar", he's another race (we talk about humans, even if it's a fantasy manuscript) ;o) , from another island, but I was missing so many details, among the most important: "why did he left home?"

While I was busy with life, I have meditated on his story; I quickly understood that it would become an interesting short-story for the "Lost Pages"... but more I was answering to the necessary questions to develop the character and the plots of his life, more I saw the extent that those anecdotes have taken... I wrote a plan for that part.

I am still a novice writer, and my lack of experience prevents me to be able to estimate the number of pages that the story will take, only based on my plan. I'll have to write it to know. But... I think I have enough material to write a whole small novel of approximately 200 pages, that would hold by itself (as much on the interest of the story or the plot)! I can be mistaking. Maybe it will be 100 pages... But it's definitely more than 20 pages!

Suddenly, I found the situation pesky... On one hand, I think this story is interesting to tell. I personally think that this "absent" character is really attaching, therefore I think it's good to know his whole story. But on the other hand, for the series I'm preparing, I'm not sure that his whole story would be pertinent. His story, as interesting as it is, remains anecdotal for the series itself. So, I don't know if I should put it on the series or on the "lost pages"...

Anyways, it's certain that I'll write it. I'll see later were do I put it... In worst case, a literary director will take the decision (no matter what I choose, s/he can make me change everything!) ;o)  But, let's just say that I recognize myself here: I wish to elaborate a small story, like that, and I remains incapable to do it in short! It seems that my favorite canvas is definitely the novel and not the short-stories. I feel stuck in a short-story format; not enough room to express myself... like sleeping in a phone booth! No, I'm clearly a novelist, since the beginning (I could say since always, since I've started writing "with the serious goal of publishing" from the age of 9)!

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