Thursday, March 11, 2010

Reporting to you

I came to realize that this blog idea is the right one for me. It doesn't really matters if someone is actually reading this or not (though it's always better if you are there, reading and commenting =D ). What does matter is the fact that this blog gives me the impression that I report the work I'm doing to someone else, and somehow, I work better this way.

I started the week being really tired, like most of the people in early spring (probably will get worst next week with the time change...). I fell asleep a few days in a row while I was sending my daughter to bed.

Like always when I intensively work on a project, not finding time to work on it bring me to a point where it hurts, because I come to collect too many ideas! I'm always afraid to have too many ideas in the head and nothing on paper... Yesterday, my daughter when to bed earlier, giving me long enough time to really push the project further.

My mind-map is now nearly completed:

Each color is a different character thread. I still miss a few thread... Well, I miss one and there's one that needs more work out and details to be completed.

Then, from there, I'll be able to sort what will be in the book and what will remind anecdote and fall on the "lost pages" side. At the moment, I have 3 shorts stories that will probably be on the "lost pages" side of the project.

See you later with more updates!

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