Saturday, March 20, 2010

French version of this blog

I simply wanted to mention that I've opened a french version of this blog, here, I have been absent because I was translating in french what was here.

No need to say that I didn't have time to work on the project directly, since all my free time went on the translation. Now that the french version is updated, I'll get back to work ;oP

1 comment:

  1. MOO à Demie et allo aussi bien. Je spamming votre poteau de blog et utilise un convertisseur de langue au Français ainsi il peut ne pas sembler beaucoup de raisonnable. :p

    original - Moo to Demie and howdy as well. I am spamming your blog post and using a language converter to French so it may not make much sense. :p

    I guess the tongue sticking out smilie is the same in both English and French.