Saturday, February 20, 2010

Second update (Maps)

Thursday, I start thinking about the map for my novel. I mentioned before that it's the second writing... The first one was in 2002-2003 and once finished, I tried to publish, in 2004. It got refused, but I drew a map back then.

I thought I still had a Photoshop version on my computer, but it was gone... No worries, we made CD back-up, naturally (back in 2004, I only had 8 gig of space-disk, so we often made CD back-up to erase unnecessary data from the hard-drive).

Well, to find that CD took some times (and it's my boyfriend who did find it). I inserted it on my computer and the files were zipped with some software... Maybe it was popular back then, I don't remember, but my computer didn't reconized it... We searched the web for the last version of it. Guess what? It's not compatible with my Windows 7 (not even with Windows XP, imagine)!

I kept looking around the CD and there were other files, zipped with another software (still compatible). Guess what? I put a password to protect the access! Yeah, few years ago, I was very paranoid... not sure why or of what.

No worries, because I remember the password: it's super long and I only used it to zip my most precious files. Cool! Pretty good memory! Guess what? I doesn't work!!! I probably made a typo mistake when I last zip the file, just before burning the CD. I tried over and over, with caps. lock, without... I tried everything I could think of, I never been able to open the files I wanted from that back-up CD.

Well, there's only one file I can open, a JPG file (I was hoping for the photoshop files, to have access to the layers, which makes it easier to edit the drawing!) and that JPG is a "zoom" on one island (the most important, I still have a bit of luck left!) but else than the contour, everything has to be redone...

Believe me, I was depressed. Hopefully, I had a friend online who chatted with me and made me laugh about it instead of cry (thank you Sjr) =)

Before going to bed, incapable to let myself beaten like that, I search on my personal paper archives and I easily retrieved a printed copy of the precious map, illustrating the full archipelago, necessary to the story. But I still believe I have to redo the drawing. At least, I think the contours of the islands are good... I simply need to draw it in a way that it would be printable in black & white, photocopy quality... And names that appears on that drawing will probably change with the rewriting of the book!

So, Thursday and Friday, I couldn't really hold my engagement of doing something creative... Thursday, I was in the mist of searching the map and Friday, I was so exhausted (went to bed late few times in the week) that I haven't draw or work on my novel on my lunch-break and we watched a movie on the evening ("Coco avant Chanel").

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  1. As time passed so did the word.

    Having lost tons of personal creations and datas due to cooked HD, I can empathize.

    At least you still have your precious map layout and the good thing is that you will have the opportunity to make it even better than the original :)