Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First update (world religion)

So far, it's going somewhat well.

Monday, I had an appointment in the evening, so the only time I had was 30 minutes during my lunch time. I've worked a bit on my novel.

Tuesday, a friend of us was supposed to come to visit us (it didn't happened, unfortunately, but my daughter stayed awake late anyway and I didn't have a minute for myself until I went to bed myself). I've also used 30 minutes from my lunch time and continued what I've started Monday.

My novel, at this point, is really at the beginning, like, in pre-production. As I'm redoing it from scratch, and I obviously try to make it a lot more better than the first time, I'm revising all designs. I was working on a few religions systems.

Since it's a fantasy novel, in a nonexistent world, I don't want to simply pick an already existing religion. The story takes place in a really remote time... I don't even know if the religions we know today, as we know them today, existed back then! So, I decided to design two beliefs, with the symbols, rituals, holidays and all, which will afterward be used abundantly (through the context) in the books ..

Today (Wednesday), I had such a rushing and stressing day! I couldn't go to lunch before 13h30 (1:30pm). My colleagues were finished eating and back to work when I was ready to go for my break. As a result, I had more time for myself and my project (because I had nobody to chat with!)... 45 minutes!

I revised again my religion system and started some sketches for the symbols. I was really happy to draw a bit, though I was shy as some people were going through the lunchroom and look at me with a face that could mean: "What's the accounting girl is doing...? She's... drawing?" Some of them peeked, and it was... sketches and... weird symbols I was doing.

I can imagine what they could think about it, but on second thought, I don't really care. My life is really busy, but I can still find the time to make my project go forward. That's is all what matters. Plus, it makes me think about something else.

This evening, since my daughter went to bed early, I blogged a bit and now I'm going to draw. Lately, on evenings (when I have time), I'm working on a drawing that is not related to my manuscript. This is a drawing too large to bring to work. I thought I could start with something easy, so I chose existing characters from a movie that my daughter enjoys, as the subject for the drawing. Then, I'll could frame it and put it on the wall of her bedroom. I was surprise that I couldn't reproduce the character exactly as they are... I had to follow my personal style, like, my interpretation of them, which is good, I think... ^_^

See you later!
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