Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Great week-end

This week-end was great; I felt like if I was granted 2 extra hours per day! I had time to cook like crazy for my week to come (I don't have time to cook when I'm back from work, so I cook on the week-end and reheat my meals during the week), a buckwheat porridge-like breakfast with apple, cinnamon and chestnuts, home made cheese macaroni, a "coquille Saint-Jacques" (it's a french meal that translate like "Scallops Shell", which is roughly a kind of seafood stew with scallops, mini-shrimps, mushrooms, etc.), 3 fishes, a chicken with Thai-like peanut sauce, artichoke and citrus rice, and my famous oak crumble for dessert: this week it's apple, strawberries and pecans.

This February is like 10°C above average and we had little snow... and the snow started to melt in the middle of winter!! But we did have a bit of flurry this week, so it was (finally!) possible to go slide outside, plus the weather was so beautiful, the sun super shining... Really, we had to go outside! So we went at the park just behind where we live, where there's a small hill and I've slide with my baby daughter. She liked it so much!! So, with all the fun I had this week-end, there seemed to have no time for my project...

I mentioned to my boyfriend that it's really cool that I've started working on my project again, and see things going forward bits by bits... It's not going really fast, but it's advancing! I repeated all my life that creating, for me, is like a third lung... If I don't create, I feel like I have a hard time breathing! I feel almost suffocating! For the past years, I discovered that I could create with cooking and I've mastered the art of making improvised success, but it was not really enough for the artist in me... There was other things inside I needed to express and can only be by my writing. So to work on this project is like a trip in country side where you can get fresh air, it feels really good!

But then, when I don't have time to work on it, it started to hurt inside again... Creating is really a must in my life and for a long time now, I know that I want to do it not for the hits, or fame, or money, but because it's a need that I have, a must. It burns inside, I have to let it go and that's by writing it. The things inside I can't explain, then it's a must to draw it. Some of my drawings took me up to two years to understand their deep meaning!

Finally, with all the excitement, my daughter fell asleep really really early Sunday, so finally, I got some time for my maps.

Friday, I have scanned the colored and printed copy of the map I found last Thusday at work (my scanner is no longer compatible with my computer... another thing...). The scanner from work is simply a photocopier, so from my colored printed version, I now have a black and white "photocopied-quality" (meaning poor) copy, but I only want to retrieve the contour, so that should do. So Sunday, I took the scanned version that I've emailed to myself from work When I've opened the file and zoom enough to work on it with Photoshop, the poor quality scan end-up being super useful and easy to edit!

A very small part of the world map

See, all what used to be color and fades is now black dotes, really easy to erase! Well, it's still a long and finical, but with all the bad luck I had with this map, it could have been a lot worst! So for about 3 hours in a row, I worked on that map, which is a real record of free time for myself in one day!!

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