Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Everyday Challenge to Myself

I'm starting this blog in order to help myself to draw & write again. I wish to say right away that English is a foreign language for me, (I'm a francophone) so I'm doing my best to express myself, but from time to time, my translation may be bad or meaningless... =/ If it happens, it would be nice to let me know, so I may correct my text. =)

So let's get started!
I have so many projects in mind, novels projects, drawings or painting projects, and so little time (even less since I'm a mother and start working again)!
When I was in Art school, they were saying "To be good at drawing, you must draw every day!"... and when I went in a writing workshop giving by Elisabeth Vonarburg, again "To be good writer, you must write everyday!" So when you're trying to be good at both at the same time, the list of "must do every day" starts to get long!

Anyway, if I do have time to (at least) think about my novel every day, I can't say the same for my drawings!
After I finished my studies in Fine Art and Computer Graphics, something happened that made it very hard for me to draw or paint again. I did finish some works, but it took me everything. Here's all what I've done after school:

Broken Wing
, 2006. Original is 16 x 20 inches / ~ 40 x 50 cm
China Ink & Acrylic Ink (white) painted with brushes and quill on Canson mat board (color : felt gray)

Brins d'Éternité No.13, 2006. Original is 16 x 20 inches / ~ 40 x 50 cm
China Ink & Acrylic Ink (white) painted with brushes and quill on Canson mat board (color : pearl)

Brins d'Éternité No.14, 2006. Original is 16 x 20 inches / ~ 40 x 50 cm
China Ink & Acrylic Ink (color & white) painted with brushes and quill on Canson mat board (color : indigo blue)

La Harley, 2005. Original is 18 x 24 inches (at 300 dpi) / ~ 46 x 61 cm
Photoshop with photo reference.

(You can see my folio (drawing, painting, computer graphics and photography) on my DeviantArt page)

So, as you can see, I can draw!

My problem is lack of time. And I'm so rusty that if I'm not finishing the drawing in a short time, I'm loosing the feeling that gives me the impulsion of creating the image... And when that happens, well, I can't finish it. It's a bit like when you're telling an anecdote and suddenly, you forget your point; you can't finish the story...

My goal here would be to try, every day, to either:
  • Make 1 drawing; if I have only five minutes, than it's going to be a five minutes drawing! I plan to use this as a way to regain some speed in the execution of my drawing and to search new technics. I'm really rusty and I've changed so much since I drew frequently!
  • Work on a bigger drawing project; since I'm really slow and I hardly have 1 free hour for hobbies per day, bigger projects may take more time to achieved!
  • Work on my novel; the project is immense, I already finished a book, presented it to publishers, it got refused, and as I mentioned just above, I took some writing workshop and I'm now ready to rewrite the whole thing. It's going to be a squeal.
  • Update this blog ^_^ It's not writing a novel, but it's a way to write as often as I can.
So, maybe I won't draw everyday, or write everyday, but I should do at least one of them each day.

My long term goal would be to either get a job in the areas I've studied, so my days would be filled with art (yay!) or being able to write my novel project to the end (and hopefully, publish it). In that direction, if I could write and draw my own project... wow! ^_^

I really hope I can hold this! My full-time job ask me enough brain energy, I'm still breastfeeding my daughter (which is also energy consuming) and it happens often that I'm so tired on the evening that I fall asleep while I try to put my daughter to bed! It's very hard to do personal hobbies when she's awake, since she wants to play with me and whatever I touch... computer included! That means I won't be able to blog everyday... I'll try to come at least once a week with updates and uploads of my drawings, even the 5 minutes ones ;o)

So, there's my challenge! And it's not an easy one (for me)!

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